Covid outbreak – A conspiracy or a forewarning

There was a time when every country in the world armed themselves with nuclear weapons in the name of defense after their potential was discovered. However, is it really possible to defend by firing atomic weapons and that too in the name of ‘war for peace’? World history highlights the controversy of war and weapons, and it seems quite fathomable that the world might come to an end with a biological apocalypse.

Though the SARS-CoV-2 outbreak may not necessarily be a conspiracy, yet it has prepared the world for such a future. The developed countries can focus their research on building up highly potent and infectious viruses to dismantle the weaker nations and rule above them while strengthening their defense in advance. Ironically fiction stories like ‘Mission Impossible’ and ‘Inferno’ have forewarned us about the likelihood of man-made biological warfare, yet their existence seemed incomprehensible at the time. Who could be so inhumane to target innocent people, right? However, recently, the world looks a little different though. Even if no one proactively seeks to harm others, who can guarantee that no accidents would happen. The after-effects of nuclear disasters of the 20th century can still be witnessed in the lineages of victims. Isn’t the outbreak of Covid a result of an unforeseen and uncontrolled accident?

And if a viral or bacterial outbreak was to possibly occur, how can we possibly defend ourselves, our families, our nation? Unfortunately, we really can’t. Unless, of course, there’s a method to magically obtain ‘antidotes’ against the source of infections itself. The idea of developing a successful antidote seems improbable, given the short window required for diagnosis and treatment as already witnessed during the current pandemic. However, is there an alternative or any other choice? No! The world is facing a desperate need to build up the biotech sector capable of carrying out government-authorized secret projects to prepare for such scenarios. The ideal approach for building up the defense system is by developing high-end bio-techniques to produce m-antidotes with special attention towards diagnosing and dismantling viral (precisely RNA viral) machinery within a short frame of time. The ‘new’ world would face a huge demand for biotech and medical professionals capable of mass-producing and administering the necessary medical aid as efficiently as possible. Reduction in the production time could assist in saving more lives. Preparing ourselves for the future is the only lesson we can take from the ‘accident,’ should such happenstance occur in the future.

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  1. I really enjoyed reading this article. I am sooooo happy you are enjoying writing about your favourite topics with no deadlines hanging over your head! Thats the dream :p

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  2. I wrote a rather prescient science fiction story about such an outbreak 19 November 2019. Here’s the link —

    And the post

    Another virus escapes from a lab

    Given the excitement over the possibility that the pandemic virus (SARS-CoV-2) escaped from a lab in Wuhan, it’s time to shamelessly republish a clairvoyant science fiction story of mine first published 19 November 2019.

    A science fiction story (for the cognoscenti) — answer to the puzzle and a bit more

    Comrade Chen we have a serious problem.

    Don’t tell me one of our bugs escaped confinement.

    Worse. One of theirs did. And it’s affecting the PLA (People’s Liberation Army). Some are turning into pacifists.

    It doesn’t kill them?

    No. But for our purposes it might as well.

    It’s a typical adenoassociated virus (AAV) like we use.

    Well, what does the genome look like?

    We’ve sequenced it and among other things, it codes for a protein which enters the brain and alters behavior.


    Well, the enemy has some excellent biologists, one of whom works on Wolbachia.

    What’s that?

    It’s a rickettsial organism which changes the sex life of some insects.

    I don’t believe that.

    Do you have a cat?


    Well many cats contain another organism (toxoplasma gondi).

    So what.

    Rats infected by the organism become less afraid of cats.

    Another example please.

    A fungus infecting carpenter ants causes the ant to leave its colony, climb a tree, chomp down on the underside of a leaf and die, freeing fungal spores to fall on the ground where they can reinfect new ants.

    Well what is the genome of the virus?

    It has some very unusual sequences, and one which proves that the Wolbachia biologist on the other side has a very large ego.

    How so.

    Well in addition to the brain infecting protein, there is a very unusual triplet of peptides all in a row.

    Methionine Alanine Aspartic Acid Glutamic acid, then a stop codon, then Isoleucine Asparagine, than a stop codon, then Threonine Alanine Isoleucine Tryptophan Alanine Asparagine. We think that the first two in some way cause readthrough of the stop codons so the protein following the short peptides is made.

    Where does the big ego come in?

    Sir, proteins can have hundreds and hundreds of amino acids. People got tired of writing their full names out, so each of the 20 amino acids was given a single letter to stand for it.

    M – Methionine

    A – Alanine

    D – Aspartic acid

    What does D have to do with Aspartic acid?

    Nothing sir, look on the letters as Chinese characters.

    E -Glutamic Acid

    I – isoleucine

    What about the stop codon between Glutamic acid and Isoleucine

    Just regard it as a space.

    N – Asparagine

    Nooo! ! ! I I’m beginning to get the picture.

    Yes sir, it stands for MADE IN TAIWAN


    A few years later

    Well the Taiwanese biologist outsmarted himself (or herself). The Taiwanese soldiers wouldn’t fight either as the virus spread. Most conflicts between nation states pretty much ended (Russia/Ukraine, North Korea/South Korea) etc. etc. The Taiwanese biologist was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize, and did receive it in absentia, as every military type in the world was looking for him (or her), so he (or she) went into hiding, and is believed to be living in an Ashram near Boulder, Colorado.

    Unfortunately, the idea of using viruses to change human behavior spread past nation states, and private groups with their own agendas began using it.

    The ‘new soviet man’ of the previous century looked rather benign compared to what subsequently happened.

    The next story for the scientific cognoscenti will describe the events leading up to the impeachment trial of President Jon Tester in 2028.

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  3. ‘Scientific wars’ is indeed an interesting aspect, and it makes sense because only scientists can create such a global phenomenon. Very interesting post.


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